Vancouver Island University Chess Club


The Vancouver Island University Chess Club

The club meets Tuesdays during the semester at the VIU Library starting around 6pm. We host tournaments 2-3 times a year on the VIU Campus.

Upcoming Tournament

The Nanaimo Spring Open March 11-12, 2017

Early registration is now active.

For this iteration we decided to increase the time control, but due to site limitations we will only increase to SD 75 + 30 seconds.

Other changes:

  •  Byes MUST be requested in writing on the pairing sheet no later before the completion of the last game of the round before the desired bye.
  • We also changed the final round to 2:30 PM.  There was too much confusion with the start time of the last round.
  • Junior and VIU Students discounts - but no longer offering discounted memberships. The justification for the VIU discount is the Student Union provides the site for free.
  • No snow - hopefully.

Previous Tournament

The Nanaimo Winter Open December 17-18, 2016

See the report and cross table, and pictures from the even are in the gallery. Many thanks to Robert McFetridge for the pictures.

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